After a busy, hectic day, why not come home and unwind to the soothing, relaxing sounds of a babbling stream or the sound of a waterfall drowning out the noise of traffic and neighbors?

Tesh-Troxler can design and install the perfect water feature. It makes no difference if you have a small backyard or expansive lawn, with water features we can transform your outdoor living space into a refuge where you can relax, unwind and enjoy spending time with your family and friends.

The benefits of adding a water feature to your home are many. As a home improvement water features represent enhanced landscaping,like a deck, patio or gazebo, adding value to your property and helping differentiate your property from all others.

Depending on your choice of water features available – ponds, water falls, and streams, they can become the focal point of any landscaping becoming the anchor for entertainment areas or outdoor kitchens.

Of course the best way to proceed is to call Lynn at (704) 782-2277. As a certified landscape designer for Tesh-Troxler she can provide inspiration and practical ideas in addition to rendering a 3-D layout of your outdoor get away.